1. Those things I lost? Well, they’re still lost. 

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear in the last Four Month Journal: the USB drive, DVD cable, and my driver’s license that I lost earlier this month? Yeah, those items were never found. I had to wait in a not-that-long-but-still-miserable line at the BMV to take a new driver’s license picture. Needless to say, I did not smile fondly. It was not a fantastic day, and I was tired of faking it like it was. “Get it over with it,” I muttered through gritted teeth, as the camera flashed its unattractive light on my face. Now, for the next five years, I have a story to go along with my horrendous license picture. “Remember that time when….”For this installment of La Bella Memoir, I’m disclosing some of my secrets –– confessions, you can call them. I want everyone to know that, despite the outward appearance of cool, calm, and collected I desperately attempt to portray, inside I’m just an average almost-nineteen-year-old young woman, who makes mistakes, has a few guilty pleasures, and is still working on trying to figure it all out.


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