The Post: Boyd food shuttle to bus hungry Bobcats stranded on West Green

Without Boyd Dining Hall open this semester, hungry West Green Bobcats have a choice to make when it’s time to eat: take a walk or take a shuttle.

“It seems like a really convenient idea,” said Abbey Anspach, an undecided freshman, about the Boyd food shuttle operation.

Anspach admitted her and her friends, who live in the Convocation Center, still don’t know much about the Boyd food shuttle service, claiming a “lack of communication” about the bus’ schedule and route in general.

An OU Campus Area Transit Service bus, also known as CATS, has provided transportation to and from West Green and Nelson Commons since the beginning of the semester, according to Culinary Services’ website.

Unlike other CATS buses, the Boyd food shuttle picks up students in the rear parking lot of Nelson across from Adams Hall –– a fact which was not explicitly stated in university emails to students.

At full capacity the shuttle can seat 24 people in addition to a small amount of standing room.

A Post reporter who took the shuttle reported the ride took about four minutes from Nelson to reach the bottom of Baker University Center –– the shuttle’s first stop.

The ride to the bottom of the Academic and Research Center near Boyd on West Green took an additional three minutes, totaling about seven minutes on the shuttle.

A typical walk from the front of Nelson to West Green’s gate takes about ten minutes.

Shuttles are scheduled to service stops every ten minutes during their run times.

Students can track the bus’ route live using the free DoubleMap app or by following a map of the shuttle loop posted at each stop.

The shuttle runs every day during lunch and dinner, with extended hours for breakfast starting at 7 a.m. on Monday through Friday.

“It definitely gets full,” said David Nichols, one of the five temporary CATS drivers who operate the shuttle.

He added that the shuttle is typically busiest from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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