Is this really you?

A poem of self-reflection

I didn’t make time for me,
And I wasn’t really me.
The wheels were stopped –
My sanity dropped –
And I just could not be free.

There is a weighted guilt
Around my heart I’ve built,
Convincing me to stay –
Though I want to run away –
My vision, blurry, on a tilt.

But a calmer peace of mind
Comes to me, I find
When I step back –
And take some slack –
For being, to myself, kind.

There is something to be said
For listening to your head,
Though you may doubt –
And want to shout –
That you know better in the end.

Take a minute, or two
And reflect on all you do.
Is this really what you want?
Or will this just haunt
You. Is this really you?

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One Reply to “Is this really you?”

  1. Bethany, I LOVE your poem!!  It gives all of us something to think about. THANK YOU for being so open and the rest of us to reflect 🙂 HUGS!! Debi

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