A letter to our world

Dear humanity, show our bleeding hearts mercy.

There is madness, there is sadness,
sometimes demonic, worse than fate —
There is laughter, a little honesty,
though sometimes far too late.

I can’t say I’ve been there,
to the depths of your despair,
though I can say I’ve lived it
in another hellish affair.

Life is twisted, life is cruel,
life doesn’t seem to explain
the reasons for our endless sorrow
or the relentless stab of pain.

The mercy-pleas of a nation,
and the tears of a lonely girl
reverberate in this void
that’s just waiting to unfurl.

I wish I had the answers
to give humanity at this hour —
But I can’t. I’m just a girl
with not a lot of power.

There is grief for the widow,
for the childless mother’s shout —
There is grief for the lonely soul
on a bridge, with no way out.

So feel the loss and cry your tears —
but be wary in judging pain.
Our sorrows bind our hearts
until we are reborn, again.

#PrayersForTheWorld #PrayersForParis

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