Conscious Living

Eight vows for renewed living and understanding.

CONSCIOUSNESS — it’s not just a meditation; it’s not just a mind game; it’s a way of life.

It is important that we stay mindful individuals — examining every shred of evidence, of information — with a critical eye.

Conscious about the money we spend, who we pay, and where it goes.

Conscious about our time, who we spend it with, do we worry, do we sleep in peace.

Conscious about the food we put into our bodies, where it comes from, who we share it with, what are our intentions.

Conscious about our thoughts, and what and who we believe in, whether we are hypocrites, whether we are awake and aware.

Conscious about our love, if it is reciprocated, if it is grounded in pure emotion, if it is whole and pure and spiritually awakening.

Conscious about our words, whether we mean what we say, whether we are too close-minded, too sure-footed about the future that is always susceptible to change.

Conscious about the present moment, whether we worry away our lives, or dwell in the imaginary past.

Conscious about our energy, whether we live through good intentions and are always striving for a better tomorrow, whether we channel that energy or let it evaporate in the lazy sun.

I vow to always have a book in hand, and learn from PEOPLE and IDEAS, instead of negativity in the news.

I vow to carry a journal and a pen, so that I may always have the freedom to express myself — with or without the “followers.”

I vow to meditate on my breath, the surest sense of life within me at all times, and be grateful.

I vow to think honest thoughts and speak true words — hypocrisy never did us all a favor, truly.

I vow to eat wholly and completely, remembering to savor each bite of flavor, and rejoice.

I vow to love without attachment — in both people and in material things, knowing full well that I enter and leave this life with nothing but my own soul.

I vow to seize each opportunity and embrace every smile and moment of laughter — these are the memories we will remember.

I vow to keep an open mind and be ready to change my opinion — because there is always room for more knowledge and understanding.

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  1. Hi Bethany,   These are good vows for everyone to live by!! Thank you for giving us something to think about and work harder to live by 🙂 Have a good week HUGS!!


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