The Galaxy in Me

A poem by Bethany N. Bella | LOTUS

Author’s note: As we approach another new year, I’ve been thinking about my connection and contribution to our beautiful, shared world. Let us strive to better our own cells and selves, in acts of both purposeful and personal intention. Cheers to another 365 days of endless possibility. -bnb


My bones crunch
like fallen logs and underbrush.
My lungs and ribs
burn like a thousand-acre fire I cannot quench,
As the wind brushes
through my hair, like waves,
Along my skin, which flows
and breathes like water.

I am made –
I am born of the same stars
as the galaxy.
I am the Earth – the trees
the leaves
the rivers
the songs

All in one body.
Irreplaceable body.

Moving with the air
Colliding with the earth
Burning like a fire
Higher than the tallest mountain –
no, I am the mountain
and the sky
and the rocks beneath
the rubble.

So why should I not love myself?

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