go slow. but don’t lose hope. tread lightly. release all that does not serve you. be patient. dream in the stars, but know your limits. listen in. listen to your body. listen to those who want to help you. forget those who don’t. if anything is possible, but not everything is possible, then what is? define it. be boundless. break boundaries. but don’t break yourself. wake up to see the sunrise. sleep when the sun goes down. sleep until you’re healed, no more no less. cherish each step. breathe deeply. lean on help. lean on others. listen to your intuition. move before you know for sure. take that chance. ask her. ask him. you’ll never know for sure. read up. study up. rise up. learn something you didn’t know. learn something about yourself. speak boldly. speak humbly. smile with your soul at least once every day. nothing is impossible, but not everything is possible. know that. respect that. then move on. move further. move in the direction your heart sings. sing it out loud. never doubt your inner strength to succeed, even if your outer strength says otherwise. be courageous. be positive. be positively you.


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