March: A Month of Mindfulness

This post has been updated | March 28, 2017


Sometimes, it’s easier to get caught up in the self-deprecating squabble of gossip and false secrets than it is to live a positive life.

I know. I’ve seen it, lived it, lived around it and lived among it.

Like a communicable disease, we spread bad mojo like it’s butter, but we rarely spread joy and kindness and thoughtful gestures the same. I guess it’s easier to blame than it is to resist temptation and let it be without shame.

I’m not perfect — nowhere near it. And yet, I know for myself that living with intention, living in this constant pursuit of positivity, has rewarded me in flowers of friends — the kind I want to keep around, even when the seasons change.

Your tribe is your vibe made manifest.

After a pretty debilitating first 8 weeks of the year, I can see the horizon line to another promise of another day, another month, another chance to pursue happiness and live this amazing concoction of moments called life.

So, I’m living my March month with an extra bit of gratitude and a mind towards mindfulness. Aside from my daily yoga and meditation exercises, these mindfulness moments are practices I’m committed to completing in the next 31 days.

Maybe I’ll learn something. Maybe I’ll be frustrated (see Days 5 and 16 in anticipation). Maybe I won’t come away completely changed, but I’m hoping these simple actions will change my perspective, again and again, like the kaleidoscope I’m crafting out of my life experiences.

Join me in making every moment in March matter?

Day 1: Spend 25 minutes in silent meditation.
Day 2: Donate 10% of my closet. Go through it again. Donate 10% more.
Day 3: Throw nothing away today – and see what that looks like.
Day 4: Tell someone how much they mean to me.
Day 5: Write quotes in a notebook. Hang one up on the mirror.
Day 6: Write a manifesto.
Day 7: Forgo the Internet. Entirely.
Day 8: Write a poem (even if it’s just a stanza).
Day 9: Send out good vibes all day long, no matter my mood.
Day 10: Write something reflective.
Day 11: Say (or do) something bold.
Day 12: Tip kindly.
Day 13: Go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Day 14: Be kind to myself.
Day 15: Watch something I’ve wanted to watch.
Day 16: Look to help someone in need of help.
Day 17: Share a fun memory. Be grateful, not bitter.
Day 18: Write 10 thank-you notes.
Day 19: Ignore the emails.
Day 20: Ask for help myself.
Day 21: Go a day without a phone. (7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)
Day 22: Make a commitment to myself.
Day 23: Determine what I need. Exhale the clutter.
Day 24: Plan something for TODAY, right now.
Day 25: Spend a day without speaking.
Day 26: Eat all meals in silence, with no distractions.
Day 27: Challenge my perceptions.
Day 28: Write down my dreams, and save them.
Day 29: Investigate my ‘supply chain’.
Day 30: Forgo the makeup.
Day 31: Write down all of my thoughts over the course of a day.

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