On the follow through

A poem by Bethany N. Bella


Did you call her up?
Did you listen to your heart?
Did you save the world?
Did you play your part?

So many promises we make
So many things we ‘must’ do
So many people we aim to please
So many things we say we’ll do

Words are shallow, words mean little.
Yet who among us follows through?
Who says what they mean,
who does what they say they’ll do?

History’s riddled with unkept words.
People lie, and cheat, and disobey.
Maybe it’s too easy, they decided,
to do it any other way.

Is it so radical of me
to want to be true —
be true to my word, be true to my heart,
live and speak and make and do

The best that I can —
The best that anyone can
But commit to the dreams I wish —
What if that was my only plan?

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