‘PERMEABLE’ update


This project has been in the works since last September, when I had this visionary idea one night to display the human-environment intersection in a series of superimposed photographic portraits of … well, me and the places that I’ve seen.

Then the photographic essay became its own research project — an e-book that will be released in May 2017 — on exploring this intersection in 3 different categories over 13 different photographs: elemental, ecosystem, and emergency. All of the photography and research has to do with how we humans see ourselves as part of (not above, not distance from) the natural world.

Today, and for the next 13 days, I’m excited to reveal the final portraits in the project, along with some of the text from the e-book research. To receive a notification of when the e-book will be released (to iBooks everywhere!), click here on this page of my website.

So indulge me in my project for the next 13 days on my public Instagram account. I really hope this series can get us to start thinking about our position in this broader concept of ‘environment’, our shared planet, and how we can begin to reconcile this relationship as a country and also as a species.

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