My Feminist Manifesto


  • I RECOGNIZE that I am part and parcel with the story of women in the world, Woman immemorial. All of my actions, conscious or unconscious, are because of, not in spite of, this narrative.
  • I SEE color, I acknowledge and celebrate the existence of white women, Asian women, black women, Latina women, women of indigenous populations — women the world over. We are strong strictly because we bring different experiences to this banquet, a feast with which we have all for too long been deprived to feast fully. Let us feast together in spite of and because of our differences.
  • I ADVOCATE for equity, not simply equality under the law. If we have to play by their rules for a few more decades (dear God, I dare not assume centuries?), then we must be respected for the work we do, with or without the capital ‘reward’. A seat at the table is not enough for me; I want to be respected for my voice and honored for my opinion, because I am worthy of such respect.
  • I BELIEVE the ‘system’ should change. No longer am I satisfied to climb the corporate ladder. I’ll exploit the loopholes while I’m here, but I’ll work to undermine that very ladder as I ‘climb’ it deceptively. Who said I need a ladder in (or a man to rule) my life? Men are alright, can be helpful even, be lifelong companions and best friends at best. But men need to move over, for once in humanity’s modern existence.
  • I EMBRACE female sexuality, in whatever form that may be expressed. Whatever or whomever gets your senses tingling — who am I to say no? Remember, it was men who wrote those holy scriptures, and it’s us women who can write our own manifest sexual destiny, despite the societal pressures that may try to sway us into scarlet letter-wearing, celibate, sex-less selves.
  • I STAND with women everywhere, but I will bear the flag ALLY before I will claim my right to fight the fight that may not be right to fight myself, at this time as a: cis-white, heterosexual woman of moderate, marked affluence (and mostly bodily able).
  • I REJECT fragility, hysteria, soft-heartedness, emotional instability, house chore expectations, men’s dominion over a woman’s body, never-good-enough mental gnawings, timidness, second guessing wishy-washy I’m-sorry-no-I’m-sorry NO. It stops today. I am a WOMAN — why should I be ashamed? I will laugh, long and loud, until Medusa shrieks; I will shape the Earth like Changing Woman; I will tear through mountains and be bossy, be aggressive, take what I want, give all I have, shout and scream and cry and grieve; love the Earth like we’re supposed to, if anything because I know exactly how she feels. I will do what I want with my body, my dreams, and my unapologetic schemes. Embrace me for me, or get out of my way — I’m going to do it anyway, I’ve decided.
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