European Dispatch #4

8-21-17 | 6:14 p.m. local time

Sitting here, on Eva’s couch with my knee propped up, Kate on my left editing photos, and NASA streaming solar eclipse coverage on the TV monitor, I honestly can’t script a more quintessential European travel moment than this.

After flying back from Rome to Berlin on Sunday morning — and greeting a taxi after a 5 a.m. wake-up call — we hopped on an S-Bahn train, dragged Kate’s luggage down three flights of stairs, and boarded a bus to Leipzig. What started as a 2.5 hour bus ride of the pleasant German countryside resulted in a 3+ hour bus ride, sitting next to a shitty-smelling portable pit of piss. Not exaggerating here.

The smell got so bad that Kate and I had to start using scarfs each time each one of the 40-some passengers had to use the bathroom.

“Are we the only ones smelling this?” Kate wondered at about the 20th person and 40th subsequent swing of the shit-smelling stall door.

Apparently, seems to be the answer here.

Either Germans have deadened olfactory bulbs or just have much stronger gag reflexes than these two girls from America.


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