Her Own Insignificance

A poem by Bethany N. Bella

IMG_9438I stood somewhere where I couldn’t see
The markings of modernity
Spoiling the scene

I stood somewhere where I wasn’t surrounded
By people’s incessant chattering sounds

I stood somewhere where I could hear the wind
Folding through limbs
Pressing through space

And I thought
I thought about my transience
My fleeting departure on the banks of next week

And I thought
Of my arrogant pride
How these rocks, and trails, and trees before
Have existed
Since before the Revolution
Before the dawn of dinosaurs

And I thought
This place won’t be here
Won’t remain if we don’t let it be
If I return to a thousand mini condominiums
I think my head will explode

To imagine
This place before me
Before me
Always after me
Why can’t we let it be?


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