Woman, Rise.

A poem to celebrate, commiserate, and commemorate the emotional capacity of a woman — all of which is sometimes encountered by her in a single day. -bnb

I am shaken.
I am stirred.
I am awake.
I am learned.
I am hungry —
never full.
I am fiery —
never cool.

I feel restless.
I feel wired.
I feel needless.
I feel tired.
I feel reckless.
I feel drained.
I feel sadness —
like the rain.

I am changing.
I am change.
I am spiraling —
out of range.
I am loose.
I am undone.
I am looking
for the sun.

I feel empty.
I feel numb.
I feel finished.
I feel done.
I feel feverish.
I devise:
I am woman.
Woman, Rise.

I am woman. Woman, Rise.

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