At Ohio University, I am a full-time undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Specialized Studies [Environmental Geography, Political Science, Global Leadership and Women’s Studies] while working as a Research Scholar in Environmental Studies at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. I also volunteer with a local non-profit focused on food security in Appalachia Ohio.

I am a storyteller at heart. I produce video and photo productions for both internships and personal enjoyment; I write poetry; I write essays on current issues and monthly reflections on my blog, memoir style. I also write stories for the Voinovich School and other outlets as assigned, or per personal interest.

But I’m more than just my stories.

I am an outdoor recreation enthusiast, a steadfast lover of reading (and collecting too many) books, drinking black coffee with good conversation, and grounding myself through yoga and meditation – though a good laugh works wonders, too.

My passions include empowering local communities through education and action, sustainable food systems and organic agriculture, learning and experiencing culture through travel, being relentlessly positive and defying conventional norms.

My curiosity is rooted in the intersection of human society and our surrounding environment.