Keep Swimming: Lessons on leading through life

I splashed some water on my forearms, prolonging the inevitable plunge into coolness for a few more seconds. Tightening my swimmer’s cap and strapping on my goggles, I couldn’t stall any long; some other swimmer would want my lap here pretty soon if I didn’t push off from the sidelines and just start swimming.


A poem by Bethany N. Bella

On the evolution of thought

Coming back to school for my final semester of undergrad, I chewed through yet *another* career-life crisis. I claimed I was at a crossroads — that my decisions to be decided over the next 15 weeks would define the trajectory of my immediate post-grad plans. Talk about a lot of pressure on these barely-stable shins!


A poem by Bethany N. Bella | ‘bare bones‘

Seeds of Patience

Impatiently waiting for my body to heal, I don’t think I’ve learned this lesson quite yet.  I wrote that sentiment two injuries ago, last February in another case of misdiagnosed stress-fractures.