Adventure Awaits

Palms sweat. My shoulders get too tight and my muscles start to ache. Move. I need to move. I have never been able to take my medicine and swallow my sentence without resistance. I’m like a vine that struggles to reach the sun – scales the walls flexes her leaves with every ounce of vitality…

The Burnout

I’d be untruthful if I didn’t admit that I’ve stumbled, I’ve struggled, and I’ve failed to do what I set out to achieve in these last work-filled 3 months. But I’ll tell you what I know now to be true: It’s always been easier for me to run away from what haunts me, challenges me,…

Thoughts on commitment

Commitment. Not an easy concept for many of us, including my creative, shape-shifting self.

Get ready, get set… wait here

I walked off the graduation stage with a degree and a 12-month plan — a classic, predictable Bethany Bella move. It was the University of Arizona, or bust. I had already talked with a potential thesis advisor about our shared research interests, and I had plans to visit her in June. I even blocked off…

My most authentic self

Me at NSLC. Me designing creative projects. Me meeting new people and hearing their stories. After all this time, I see that’s me.

Dear Bobcat

This letter was inspired by a recent initiative posted by my alma mater Ohio University in their Ohio Today magazine.