The feeling of home

I have traveled all over the world in these last 21 years of life, and I have only once felt the feeling of home: in northern California.

Sit still.

I’ve done a lot of thinking in this first month back to school – of course, I’ve had plenty of time to sit and think. That’s all I do, now.

Aged in Athens

Despite the word of the month for August 2017 being “appreciative,” I have been anything but.

Fishing for myself

(Let the nautical metaphors continue.) I found myself sitting crosslegged inside the folds of my hammock, staring out into the mystic-blue waters of Lake Michigan, practicing the art of ‘not-doing-anything’ for an hour or so. It was magical. After turning off-and-on the overheated circuits in my wired brain, like a jolting bolt of lightning, the…