‘PERMEABLE’ update

This project has been in the works since last September, when I had this visionary idea one night to display the human-environment intersection in a series of superimposed photographic portraits of … well, me and the places that I’ve seen.

‘What sings to your soul’

This was the second time I found myself muttering expletives under my breath, rushing around and nearly forgetting books for Dr. Vandana Shiva to sign and important interviews — all in the span of four hours. Breathe, I scolded myself. Just breathe.

Shine a light: My dreams RIGHT NOW

I’ve ‘figured out’ or at least determined what ‘feels right’ right now in my quest for life and career and good work and what ‘success’ looks like for me, as a 21-year-old on the pursuit of her dreams. So indulge me in my ramblings. Here’s what I think today: