Finding my voice

I’m going through a metamorphosis in my first few months from exiting the gates of undergrad. Fellow good-grades grads, you feel me?

“You Decide”: Commencement Address (Video)

I applied to speak at commencement in my final semester of undergraduate at Ohio University. And although I did not get selected to speak at graduation, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on ‘the end,’ as my peers and I prepare to leave on our next journey. (Just imagine me speaking this at…

Breaking apart, falling together

Before we understood ecology, we thought species were just disparate sets of experiments, evolving in isolation of one another. Now that we as ever-learning humans know better — now that we know the whole world has a whole list of reasons for the way ‘things work’ — we can see the chain of events, the…

Keep Swimming: Lessons on leading through life

I splashed some water on my forearms, prolonging the inevitable plunge into coolness for a few more seconds. Tightening my swimmer’s cap and strapping on my goggles, I couldn’t stall any long; some other swimmer would want my lap here pretty soon if I didn’t push off from the sidelines and just start swimming.