Bodies break. Bodies heal.

“I would say, 2-to-3,” she said, giving my leg another once-over.

“Months?” I squeaked out, imaging another 8 weeks like the last, resigned to physical therapy sessions every Wednesday and longingly looking out at the bike-path throughout the remainder of spring semester.

“Oh no, weeks! I’d say you could be running in 2-to-3 weeks.”

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Garden state of mind

I’m naturally attracted to flowers, even though I’m super-sensitive to fragrances and other strong (mostly artificial) smells.

Flowers of all kinds, really — I don’t discriminate. My media inventory is sprinkled with flower photo-ops, colorful reminders of nature on the sides of sidewalks and hidden beauties in untamed meadows. I’ve also got a thing for trees, as anyone on my Instagram knows. If I haven’t posted a picture of a flower or a tree in days, you’ll know something’s incredibly wrong with me.

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