Fishing for myself

(Let the nautical metaphors continue.) I found myself sitting crosslegged inside the folds of my hammock, staring out into the mystic-blue waters of Lake Michigan, practicing the art of ‘not-doing-anything’ for an hour or so. It was magical. After turning off-and-on the overheated circuits in my wired brain, like a jolting bolt of lightning, the…

On the flow of information

I’ve been obsessed with how information moves, like a river, from tongue to mouth to mind to memory for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child, I flocked to nighttime stories of Jack & Annie’s adventures in their awesome treehouse and around the world (thanks Mom!). My earliest memories are mentally…

‘Me’gan: The case for a personalized diet

“I feel like I’m having an identity crisis,” I admitted, somewhat embarrassingly, to the dietician sitting across the table from me. She smiled sympathetically, with eyes betraying pity. In my experience, they always do.

Resilient systems

Beep. Beep. Beep.  The infamous computer-sound for panic. Oh God. No. This cannot be happening to me right now. Please. Please. Please. My mutterings chanted in sync with the incessant beeping of my external hard drive. That was Saturday afternoon. By Sunday night, the drive was dead and beyond affordable repair.