The truth in caring about (environmental) change

I came back from a glistening summer in sunny California feeling all shades of one word: panicked. Fortunate to spend the last few months whirling through Singapore and video-taping my way through the Bay, I had given into the distractions of summertime bliss … and forgotten all about the pressing global environmental-change problems I had…

Coming back to California

Taking off on the runway back in June, I knew I had some unfinished business back in California. This summer was another season of growth and self-discovery. This summer I confronted my past self to make my present a truly unforgettable future for who I am becoming.

Choosing joy

It was vegan chocolate ice-cream. How could I refuse?

Finding my voice

I’m going through a metamorphosis in my first few months from exiting the gates of undergrad. Fellow good-grades grads, you feel me?

“You Decide”: Commencement Address (Video)

I applied to speak at commencement in my final semester of undergraduate at Ohio University. And although I did not get selected to speak at graduation, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on ‘the end,’ as my peers and I prepare to leave on our next journey. (Just imagine me speaking this at…