Thoughts on my first retail job

I closed the cashier drawer for the last time yesterday evening. For the last 6 months, I’ve been working part-time (although sometimes it definitely felt like full-time) at a natural foods grocery store in my hometown. I took the job back in August, when the prospect of graduate school applications and a year “off” atContinue reading “Thoughts on my first retail job”

Untangling Identity: Letting go of “smart” ego

The smell of seven snickerdoodles was almost assured every time a new report card came in the mail. As a kid, my brother and I were front-row customers at our local Cheryl’s Cookies bakery on report-card day. It was family tradition. Some well-kept secret in the neighborhood had somehow reached our doorstep: For every “A”Continue reading “Untangling Identity: Letting go of “smart” ego”

Under Construction: From work to worth

I’ve been playing a lot of games of solitaire recently. I enjoy everything about the game: The familiar shape and sound of the cards stacking up. The seemingly infinite ways one can win a game. The quiet meditation the game requires, concentration away from any screen. I think I’ve been drawn to the game recentlyContinue reading “Under Construction: From work to worth”