Year in Review 2017

It’s New Year’s Day, and I’m scrolling through my journey’s journals of the past 12 months. Come join me.

30 questions answered

I’ve been struggling through some crippling insecurities lately, always made manifest when my school-churning brain is ‘at rest.’ So, inspired by a fellow Bobcat blogger, I decided this morning to interject body/self positivity into the universe with the following questionnaire. How well could you answer these questions about yourself?

Appalachian Watershed Research Group mines data in unique study to protect water quality in southeast Ohio

by Bethany N. Bella | December 16, 2017 Tapping into its water-quality expertise, Ohio University’s Appalachian Watershed Research Group (AWRG) is assessing data collected from regional mining operations in a first-of-its-kind study, to better predict how groundwater levels will respond to mining. The research group, a multidisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty…

Call it what it is: Bullying

I wanted to be a marine biologist. Instead, I chose “journalism” – the only recognizable writer-related field of study on my undergraduate application. Because that’s what I was told I was good at. That’s what I’d always done. Why would I have pursued anything else? Anything more? This is my almost, should-have-been, still-could-be ‘women in STEM’…