Healed by water: An Aquarius account of her first swimming class

As a kid, I convinced myself I was a mermaid. My favorite season of the year was always summer, the time when my finger-pads would stay puckered from chlorine long after I (finally) emerged from the water. Though I never took a formal swimming class, I was infatuated by the water — perhaps that’s the…

The feeling of home

I have traveled all over the world in these last 21 years of life, and I have only once felt the feeling of home: in northern California.

Overlooked and Misunderstood: Stories About Climate, Conflict, and Migration

By Bethany N. Bella Barbuda—an island once full of people—has been rendered completely uninhabitable by Hurricane Irma. Every single resident was evacuated from the island, and some are not planning to return. Climate-induced migration and displacement is not usually this dramatic, but it is not uncommon: Since 2008, UNHCR estimates that an average 21.5 million people each year have been…

Sit still.

I’ve done a lot of thinking in this first month back to school – of course, I’ve had plenty of time to sit and think. That’s all I do, now.


A poem by Bethany N. Bella