European Dispatch #6

8-24-17 | 2:21 p.m. EST Safely on the other side of the Atlantic, a speedy flight thanks to a personal Harry Potter movie marathon, I’d like to offer some final reflections.

European Dispatch #5

8-22-17 | 9:22 a.m. local time Well, we are already boarded on an outbound train to Berlin from Leipzig this morning. I’ve traveled somewhere with Kate and our (now slightly more condensed) pile of suitcases on nearly every form of public transportation imaginable in the last 7 days.

European Dispatch #4

8-21-17 | 6:14 p.m. local time Sitting here, on Eva’s couch with my knee propped up, Kate on my left editing photos, and NASA streaming solar eclipse coverage on the TV monitor, I honestly can’t script a more quintessential European travel moment than this.

European Dispatch #3

8-20-17 | 6:53 a.m. local time Sitting on the other side of airport security is beginning to be a theme here in Europe.

European Dispatch #2

8-18-17 | 5:46 p.m. local time We are shaded, and we are still hot. Rome is a dizzyingly constructed city, with ample alleyways and close proximity monuments, but boy-oh-boy is it hot in the summer!