This poem and portrait series were performed at the International Women’s Day Festival at Ohio University on March 19, 2017. 

view the entire portrait series here on Flickr


I see you standing over there
The wind whips through your hair
Acting like you just don’t care
But baby I’ve been there
And swallowed a truth you just can’t bear.

And it ain’t even fair
The way they treat us all alike
Like we all just black or white
When they have no idea what it’s like
To be caught up in this fight.

Try as I might
I just can’t find the words to speak
And here I am, crying at the feet
Of Blessed Mary — how I weep
GOD, why was we the ones they beat
Our secrets ones we live to keep.

I feel defeat
Why weren’t we the ones who first
Came into being after birth
I’m sick here on the edge I skirt
The truth even though it hurts.

I can’t help feeling like I’m dirt
That I don’t matter in this life
But without me there would be no life
No second generation strife
Because it all begins with my light.

Try as I might
Being a woman’s not the same
To you it’s all a game
Being victim being blamed
I ignore these filthy chains
And want to scream to feel my pain
I am WOMAN — why should I be ashamed?

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