Earth News Journal 50: Thirdhand Smoke

The health atrocities associated with smoking tobacco are numerous and widespread, but a more recently-defined phenomenon known as thirdhand smoke is becoming of heightened concern in the studies of American health.

Earth News Journal 49: West Coast Tree Giant Troubles

“A world where a child can’t stare up in wonder at a giant cathedral-like crown is a very real possibility,” lamented Bill Laurance, an environmental scientist at James Cook University, Australia. This is the threat America’s ancient trees face – the threat of eradication by climatic factors and, ultimately, extinction.

Earth News Journal 47: U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

As a nation long-known for our dependence on non-renewables like coal and oil, America may see a slight ‘shift in the winds,’ energy speaking, in the forthcoming years. The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Programs Office has recently announced a commitment to Cape Wind, a Nantucket-based wind farm project expected to launch America into the…

Earth News Journal 46: International Energy Efficiency

An international energy efficiency report was issued this past week, with the United States arriving in at thirteenth place. You might be apt to give the U.S. a courteous nod, hereby acknowledging that our sprawling nation has slid into the top fifteen, almost top ten. But then, you check the list – it only extends…

Earth News Journal 45: Birds & Pesticides, Repeated History

Those who remember Rachel Carson, a keen-eyed naturalist who altered the scope of American environmentalism in the 1960s, regard this woman with igniting a new campaign of ‘green thinking’ in the public sector. Her influential and highly-acclaimed Silent Spring rendered her audience as speechless as the birds that ceased to forage in the New England…