Earth News Journal 44: Canadian Pipeline Approved

The Keystone XL Pipeline, infamously predicted to slice through the United States Midwest, delivering Canada’s prosperous tar sands oil to the Gulf of Mexico, has acquired a particularly foul reputation among many individuals in the environmental community. Meanwhile, a little-known Canadian oil project has recently emerged in the media as a triumph for Canada’s federalContinue reading “Earth News Journal 44: Canadian Pipeline Approved”

Earth News Journal 41: Pakistan, China Nuclear Pact

A recent ‘boom’ in nuclear power interests has arisen in the lands of Pakistan and China, according to a November article from The New York Times. These two countries, neighboring nations intent on industrializing, have agreed to operate a new $9.59 billion nuclear power complex in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Both the scale andContinue reading “Earth News Journal 41: Pakistan, China Nuclear Pact”

Earth News Journal 40: Sustainable Solutions for Plastics

Since the dawn of the industrial era in America, plastics have been both a convenient resource as well as a critical hazard to the environment. A vital solution has been so far unattained by the nation’s conservationists, but work has begun to right this horrendous wrong – the answer “lies not in a world withoutContinue reading “Earth News Journal 40: Sustainable Solutions for Plastics”

Earth News Journal 39: The Might of Haiyan

As severe weather occurrences increase around the globe, due in part to global climate changes, the accuracy upon which forecasters rely for broadcasting major storms may need to increase, as well. Supertyphoon Haiyan, which rocked the coasts of the Philippines in mid November 2013, is arguably one of the strongest tropical cyclones to ever strikeContinue reading “Earth News Journal 39: The Might of Haiyan”