Shine a light: My dreams RIGHT NOW

I’ve ‘figured out’ or at least determined what ‘feels right’ right now in my quest for life and career and good work and what ‘success’ looks like for me, as a 21-year-old on the pursuit of her dreams. So indulge me in my ramblings. Here’s what I think today:

Fight, resist, or heal

Sovereignty for marginalized (often indigenous) peoples. Adapting to climate change. Changing patterns of consumption and production. Challenging property, ownership, and gender norms. Advocating for local food, wholesome food, food symbiotic with sustainability. Writing and relating. Showing and listening. Learning in life and not by the book (or the institution). Being independent in action but dependent onContinue reading “Fight, resist, or heal”

Create your own (life)

“I think I want to be an entrepreneur,” I typed at 10:28 a.m. on December 16, 2016. One balmy December morning, I decided to take a stroll outside during my four weeks of recharge (5 miles on a fractured fibula, but that’s another story). I wasn’t really looking for an intense workout, with my injured ankle and all,Continue reading “Create your own (life)”

My creative process: An ode to BIG MAGIC

“Do you have any paint at home?” I texted at 1:52 p.m. “Wall paint, any color. I just had this uncanny desire to make an accent wall in my room..” My mother’s response was prompt, seemingly unfazed by my latest creative declaration. “All paint is in the basement … not sure what all is down there?” “Cool! I’llContinue reading “My creative process: An ode to BIG MAGIC”