Shine a light: My dreams RIGHT NOW

I’ve ‘figured out’ or at least determined what ‘feels right’ right now in my quest for life and career and good work and what ‘success’ looks like for me, as a 21-year-old on the pursuit of her dreams. So indulge me in my ramblings. Here’s what I think today:

“Montana” is calling, and I must go

It was two words, two words that shook the cobwebs and got me thinking again: Ovis montana.  For those who can read Latin, or for those big-game enthusiasts, I don’t need to tell you these two words translate to an old classification of the wild ‘mountain sheep’. Mind you, I wasn’t looking for a mountain sheep of anyContinue reading ““Montana” is calling, and I must go”

Cambodia diary, days 11-15

6:54 a.m. EST | 5:55 p.m. local time | 5-19-16 How is it already Thursday? I ask myself, snacking on cashews and trying to plan out my final weekend in Phnom Penh. After waking up at 6 a.m. for the past four days – ferociously grinding out the finishing touches (or just creating additional recommendations)Continue reading “Cambodia diary, days 11-15”