Connecting people and places

“Every single human being’s body is part-and-parcel with the surrounding landscape of chemicals and carbon, animals and amoebas. No one of us is immune to this interplay. None of us is powerful or protected enough to withstand this onslaught of interaction at play, every single day in our modern world.” –PERMEABLE


My curiosity is rooted in the intersection of human society and our surrounding environment.

I connect my knowledge of localized environmental and socio-political issues with global systems of change.

Engaging with an intersectional-feminist and geographic perspective, I utilize digital storytelling methods to understand the relationship between human bodies and the natural world around us.

I embrace the interconnectedness of all species, studies, and spaces on Earth. It is my life’s work to illuminate this crossroads — to show that it all connects — so that we may begin to see ourselves as integral in this story of global environmental change.