My name is Bethany Bella, and I am a woman of many interests.

At Ohio University, I am a full-time undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Specialized Studies [geography, political science, journalism, anthropology, women’s studies] while working as a Research Scholar in the Environmental Studies department at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. In my spare time, I volunteer with a local non-profit focused on food insecurity prevention in Appalachia Ohio. 

But I am, first and foremost, a storyteller at heart. I produce video and photo productions for both internships and personal enjoyment; I write poetry; I write essays on current issues and monthly reflections on my blog, memoir style. I also write press releases and stories for the Voinovich School, and other outlets as needed. In addition to storytelling, I am an outdoor recreation enthusiast, a steadfast lover of reading (and collecting too many) books, drinking black coffee with good conversation, and grounding myself through yoga and meditation – though a good laugh works wonders, too. 

My curiosity is rooted in the intersection of human society and the surrounding natural environment. I also have a passion for the preservation of language and culture, empowering local communities through education and action, and travel.

My career aspirations are ambitious, bountiful, and sometimes chaotic. I gravitate towards a role in “knowledge synthesis,” utilizing communication tools to aid in raising public consciousness on any number of issues relating to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Ideally this insatiable desire to learn about the world will lead me to connecting information directly from an academic research institution and implementing attainable initiatives on a community scale. To combine education and action in order to better the environment on a local scale is the crossroads at which, at this moment, I am positioned. Join me along for the ride. -bnb