Graduate School Selected Projects

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“Uncertain Shores” was my final project submission in a Geographic Information Systems course designed for planners. I analyzed climate vulnerability, specifically projected sea level rise, in western Skagit County, Washington using raster analysis in ArcGIS Pro. I presented a poster of my findings as part of the course final.

This Sustainability Plan was our final product of a studio class in Autumn 2021. Twelve cohort members and I were tasked with creating the City of Reynoldsburg’s inaugural sustainability plan. I lead the “Social Systems and Operations” research teams and helped generate the cross-cutting themes for the final plan document.

“Athens Adapts” was my final project for a Graphic Visualization class in my second semester of graduate school. We were asked to design any plan document for a city of our choice. I selected Athens, Ohio and chose to design a climate action plan, as climate adaptation is an area of focus for my planning studies. The project, as outlined in the document, was indeed fictional, as we were asked to design a plan template assuming the plan process did take place.
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